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Give in to Your Wanderlust

Ask yourself this question, what would I do if I’m not afraid? There will be a lot of things that will come to mind. For most people, they would say, they would travel more often. When we have taken out the “money” factor out of the equation, traveling is one of those things we would love to pursue. Give in to your wanderlust. It is there for a reason. Experience Amsterdam city trip for yourself, and let your mind wander with the beautiful scenery around you. Traveling is not expensive, if it is, you are doing it wrong. For those who don’t travel frequently, they are not aware that there are special discounts to cut down the travel expenses. As a result, they save a lot of money which often doesn’t happen or spent for that purpose. Don’t let the pressures of life take away your life. Whether you have a grand budget or not, Moulin du Bayehon will give you options according to your budget. Lodging? No pressure.

Travellers’ Dream in One Place: Nature + Food + Beer + Comfort

Moulin du Bayehon is located at the center of a forest in Malmedy, Belgium. The facility was previously an old mill turned into a bed and breakfast hotel. Bayehon River is just a five-minute walk from the hotel. You’ll be amazed how surreal and beautiful nature can be, once you set your foot on the protected forest of Bayehon. The clean air, breath-taking ambience, and friendly species of birds will welcome you with gladness. It is a protected forest for a reason. Destroying this piece of heaven is unforgivable. Aside from the beautiful scenery, you can return to the hotel expecting great food and beer. As you retire for the night, our world-class facilities will give you 5-star comfort without the hefty price. Are you still not convinced? Get early-bird voucher codes. Get the most out of your travel money, visit Moulin du Bayehon.

Come and Experience Moulin du Bayehon in Living Colours

Don’t know where to travel next? Why don’t you give Moulin du Bayehon a shot? This place holds a well-protected forest free from human traces. If you are stressed out and want to disconnect for a while, Moulin du Bayehon is a must-destination. Here are what’s waiting for you.

Accommodation Like No Other

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, our facilities have something for you. We have bungalow houses equipped with all the amenities you need to be comfortable. And if you are traveling alone, we have rooms of all sizes to keep you safe and warm.

Great Food and Refreshments

Tell us what you like, and our highly-skilled chefs are ready to cook your cravings. We serve freshly cooked meals match with the refreshment of your choice. Contact us today, so we can discuss the menu curated just for you.

Budget-Friendly Packages

Do you have a limited budget for this trip? Don’t worry. We have budget-friendly packages that are going to be light on your pocket and I Amsterdam card. You may be getting the best deals and offers & coupons, but the quality of your experience is going to be the best.